Hard drive recovery software and Linux data recovery.
Early august (7 august 2002) I had a major Hard Drive Crash. The firewall for cudeso.be stopped functioning after someone at the local electricity-company decided it was time to turn on and off the electricity for a couple of seconds (5 on/offs in half a minute). The result : bad blocks were all over the place.

The 'victim' as a Western Digital Caviar 2,1 GB hard drive that I bought early 1997 (as I remember, it should be the first 'seperate' hard drive I ever bought).

I had quite some trouble opening up the insides of the hard-drive. It is really well protected and it takes gallons of sweat and blood before you can get past the label 'warranty void if label removed'. Nah, my warranty was really gone after my 'subtle' ways of handling this hard-drive.

Stage 1 : 'almost' intact
Stage 2 : top removed
Stage 3 : read the data baby!
Stage 4 : read some more!
Stage 5 : technics inside
Stage 6 : the controller
Stage 7 : All together
Stage 8 : The reason why 'it' crashed